Four Oaks - Websites and Branding

The Brief

Four Oaks is a great example of what we can achieve with smaller scale websites. Cliff and Gill approached Nine Four as they needed a website for Cliff’s taxi company as well as the property they Let. The Taxi business, “Four Oaks Cars” was well established, Cliff had business cards, and was listed on lots of local websites including Yell and Penny Post.

The property company had been running for some time but had no online presence or any branding, the obvious solution was to call the company “Four Oaks Accommodation”.

Four Oaks - Websites and Branding

Our Solution

During our first meeting we discussed the importance of brand, how it would be beneficial to re-work the logo as well as finer details such as using an email address that matches the domain names, rather than a @ btconnect address.

We designed two combination logos marks that work as a group and individually, a colour pallet was also chosen that compliments the rural setting and draws on the previous colours.

We can’t thank you enough for the work you have put into both our sites. The new logos are great and we are using these on our business cards and letterheads.

Four Oaks - Websites and Branding

Mobile first, Responsive websites

All of our websites are designed and built to work on a range of devices. Many modern search engines, such as Google now rank mobile website first, so if your website is not responsive you could be loosing business to your customers.

It’s vital your website looks professional and uses modern techniques, this gives potential customers complete confidence to get in touch.

Four Oaks - Websites and Branding